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My Simple Random Act of Kindnesss Changed his Situation

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Hello friends, today I want to share one of my experiences with you. I am Kumar from India. I am a social worker ,ministry leader and a businessman. I’ve been doing social work for past 13 years and I am very happy and satisfied with my work. An incident happened 7 years ago when I […]

How to Deal On When God Removes People from Your Life

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I have many times in my life experienced a number of times where I consider some people to my close friends and trust them. We use to have same views and hung out for many hours . But the fact is many of those friendships have ended. I later realized that God has used certain […]


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Sermon Scripture: EZEK 37:1-14. Sing this song : Let Jesus fix it for you, he knows just what to do, whenever you pray, let him have his way, let Jesus fix it for you In this 2014, God still has a plan for you He is faithful, a provider, merciful and just. Don’t throw in […]