Hello friends, today I want to share one of my experiences with you. I am Kumar from India. I am a social worker ,ministry leader and a businessman. I’ve been doing social work for past 13 years and I am very happy and satisfied with my work.


An incident happened 7 years ago when I was coming home from a meeting which was near my house. While I was coming home on my vehicle, I saw a person standing and crying. I stopped my vehicle and went to see what had happened. There was a fire accident in that place and this man’s small hut and all his belongings with the little cash he had saved, went up in smoke, it was all gone. He had nothing left for himself. He was so very disappointed and he was crying. Nearly 30-40 people saw this and no one came forward to help him.

I saw this situation and I immediately went to my house . I always keep some new clothes and blankets in my house to help others for emergency situations. I put all the new clothes and blankets I had and along with the fruit I had in my house at that moment in a bag, and I went to his hut, where the fire accident took place. I gave this bag to the victim of this accident and I also gave him 3000 rupees which I had in my pocket. He was in tears and he hugged me and thanked me many times. This simple random act of kindness changed his situation for the good.
The moment I started helping this person every one there in that place watching this scene realized that they too could do something for him as well. Many of them gave him clothes, blankets, dishes, and some gave him money. You know, after 3-4 days, local officials helped him build his house like it was before. Not only by providing the money and material, but also some people helped this victim by giving their time to help him rebuild his house quickly.

He has more clothes than before, more dishes than before, and a new house as well. I am very happy and thrilled by this experience that my small random act of kindness would change his situation. Friends, today I would like to encourage you all, no matter how small or big the random act of kindness is, it will make difference in the lives of those you are trying to help.

Never get tired of doing little things for others. Sometimes, those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.

Many have hearts to help others and show their compassion but the problem is they are afraid that their small random act of kindness won’t change the situation of the victim or the person who is suffering. Friends, I want to encourage you all, no matter how little we help others, it will make a difference in their lives. I remember this quote from mother Teresa, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

Thank you for reading …

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